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Home Entertainment: Ways to Choose Your Perfect Universal Remote

by Karyl Sawyer 07/10/2022

Having a home theater filled with tons of equipment, including a TV or projector, sound system, media player, streaming device and other gadgets means you probably have several remote controls to manage. Keeping track of these remotes and making sure you’re using the right one for each device can end up being an enormous challenge. Switching to a universal remote for your home theater can instantly make your setup a lot less complicated and much easier to manage. Keep the following in mind for choosing a universal remote for your home theater.

Number of Devices

When you’re trying to decide which universal remote to buy, consider how many devices you need to control. Some universal remotes can control over a dozen devices, while others have a more limited function. If you only need to control a few devices, you can go with a universal remote that controls a lower number of devices overall. However, choose one that controls a higher number if you plan on adding devices in the coming years. If you need to manage multiple devices in your home theater, make sure you choose a universal remote that can control at least 10 or more devices.


Your budget can also determine which universal remote you should get. Some of these remotes can cost a few hundred dollars, but they also have advanced features, such as a built-in touchscreen or the ability to control 15 devices. You can find universal remotes that cost much lower if you don’t want to spend a lot. Just make sure you check the features to make sure a lower-priced universal remote can handle your home theater needs.

Ease of Setup

When you get a universal remote, you can put away all the individual remote controls you have lying around. Keep in mind that some universal remotes are easier to set up than others. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to set up your remote, you can look for one that’s more user-friendly. If you don’t mind a more complex setup, you can go with a universal remote that offers more features or advanced technology.

App Pairing

Some universal remotes allow you to use an app on your smartphone or tablet to control your devices. All you have to do is download the app to your phone or tablet, and you’ll be able to use it instead of the actual remote. This might be a good option if you have your phone or tablet with you in your home theater. If you don’t want to use an app, you can look for standalone universal remotes. These remotes do not use tablets or phones through apps.

Other Considerations

Some universal remote controls are designed for smart homes. If your home theater includes a lot of smart features, such as smart lighting and window blinds or shades, keep this in mind when choosing a universal remote. You can look for one that makes it easy to control these smart features, as well as your home theater devices.

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